Sunday, July 30, 2006

Laura Veirs

I've been meaning to do a review of a Laura Veirs album, but I haven't updated this damn blog in over two months. Sorry folks. I tell people to read my blog and then slack on updating! Shame shame. Hope I can convince you to keep coming back, as I will try to update more often from now on.

Now on to the music... Lately there have been many singer-songwriters, but not of Laura Veirs' character. She brings back an earnest kind of songwriting that has been lacking lately in this particular genre. We have our kitsch, our genre bandwagon hoppers (jazzy, cabaret, electro-tinged, etc.); but no good-ol' fashioned nice songs. Veirs leaves me satisfied. Similar to how I feel after I finish listening to a Sarah Harmer album, she delivers. Year of Meteors, Veirs' latest album, is a collection of all-around good songs that vary just enough to let the album feel complete. "Secret Someones" could've come off of an Ivy album, with the off-beat and moog synth. "Through The Glow" brings me back to older Cranberries stuff. Remember when Liz Phair was making decent music and had that feministy edge? Well, she's not doing either anymore, but Veirs is at least able to make a good song similar to hers with "Cool Water". Veirs has a lot of things going for her while other artists may be very talented, always have something a little lacking. Let's face it, sometimes Cat Power just sounds a little too bland. And I know you agree when I say that Beth Orton has an annoying voice, (which is really too bad, cuz otherwise her music is pretty good). Veirs' voice is nice, and her ability to dash the perfect instrumentation in between those sad minor chords makes her excel above these other artists. I know I'm dropping a lot of other artist's names, but Veirs is something great all on her own. I am a relatively new fan of hers, so I am anxious to encounter her previous albums, and await her next!

Laura Veirs - Year Of Meteors


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