Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Glenn Kotche

So i've got out of my Canadian music funk and am making my first post about a non-Canuck artist! I'm glad, cuz this guy rocks. Glenn Kotche for those of you who may not be familiar with the name, is the drummer for Wilco. However, his music sounds pretty much nothing like Wilco, which is a good thing (not that i hate Wilco, but i enjoy Kotche's solo material much more).

In essence, his second album "Mobile" is very experimental in nature. Drawing from his talent as a drummer, Kotche has made a complex album of various percussionary elements, mixed in with electronic blip, and a few select other instruments like piano. But otherwise, it's all pretty glitchy and percussion-y. This is awesome. The first track "Clapping Music Variations" opens with a light cymbal sequence, then segues into a great vibraphone sequence. I absolutely LOVE vibes, (especially in jazz... mmm), so i like this track a lot. For those of you who enjoy the cuttiness of micro-house techno, you'll like "Projections of (What) Might". With a firmer back beat it would make a great Richie Hawtin track. Overall, the album has a nice flow to it, because Kotche never picks up the pace too much to throw the listener off. "Reductions or Imitations" is a very laid-back piano piece, "Individual Trains" will make you feel like you're in a helicopter or something (very spacey), and the finishing track "Fantasy On A Shona Theme" is a fabulous closer with, yes you guessed it, vibes! Kotche leaves us with a smooth exit, and boy is it good.

I love this album, (someone told me it even sounds "Balinese"??). I clearly need to listen to more Balinese music. Even if you don't traditionally like/think you'll like experimenetal music, i highly recommend it!

"Mobile" Track Listing:
Clapping Music Variations
Mobile Parts 1 & 2
Mobile Part 3
Projections of (What) Might
Monkey Chant
Reductions or Imitations
Individual Trains
Fantasy On a Shona Theme


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