Thursday, May 18, 2006

Shogun Kunitoki

It's hard to make that organ music that you usually hear at church services seem fun, but Shogun Kunitoki seem to have it down to a science. Well okay, the music on their debut album "Tasankokaiku" can't really be described as funeral music, but the organ sequences remind me of something you might hear at a church service. This Finnish group dabbles in electronic noise, with the organ and repetitive bass being the focal points; but what SK do really well is layering. By layering the various sounds they can make each song sound so similar, yet different at the same time with a slightly differentiated layered bit. It's pretty interesting. I can't seem to compare them to any other acts as they seem pretty unique, but they are purely instrumental. At some points the background bass hits sounds slightly reminiscent of a Lali Puna beat... but saying their sisters in sound is a total stretch. Perhaps a more lively, grounded version of Sigur Ros??

"Montezuma" is most likely the single of the album if they were to have such a thing... but you most likely won't hear it on your local radio station, (which is a shame). SK can be pretty dreamy at points; in "Tropiikin Kuuma Huuma" for instance, the halfway through their is a pretty blanket of twinkling sounds that cuts the broken two-step beat. Some tracks such as "Daniel" and "1918-1926" have a majestic feel to it. The former two sounds really do justice to the Sigur Ros comparisons i think. It's a very nice record, which somehow manages to border the pretty/majestic/creepy line. I like it though! So check it out.

Note: I always upload full albums, (yeah yeah it's illegal.. but how else will you hear about good music anymore without a little promotion? Don't be a hardass). The links do expire though. So if you don't want to miss out on the uploads of fresh, good music (sometimes which is pretty hard to get your hands on in the internet/real world), visit this website regularly! That way you can get to the music when the uploads are still active. Cheers, and enjoy :)

Shogun Kunitoki - Tasankokaiku


At 4:51 PM, Blogger Prrrr. said...

I immediately thought Sigur Ros too :)

At 8:29 PM, Anonymous Matthew said...

Are you going to be re-upping this one anytime soon? Would love to hear this! Nice site by the way!


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