Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Stills

The Stills have become a happy piano band! No really, look at them in that picture... the Lebanese drummer guy (i can't remember his name) is actually smiling. And one of the members has gone the dreadful beard-route. The tides, they are a changin'.

Their new album "Without Feathers" will be released on May 9th, but you can get a sneak peak here. My above description is attributed to the fact that at least 9 out of the 12 tracks on their sophomore effort has a heavy piano portion. They definitely sound more "British" on this album. Could their first single "In The Beginning" even be appropriate for Irish pub fun? I think that's a fair assessment. And that's a good thing folks, don't get me wrong. It's just a little strange from a band that I've traditionally thought of as being kinda morose. I mean, check out the bop-boppin' trumpet on "Destroyer"! I mean, trumpet?? Wtf. It almost sounds like a foray into Broken Social Scene bombast. And check out "Oh Shoplifter" where they rock a cowbell, rivalling fellow Canuckster AC Newman.

If you're looking for a direct descendent of "Logic Will Break Your Heart" you're not gonna find it here. Perhaps "Helicopters" and "Baby Blues" will satisfy your nostalgia a bit, but it ends there. In short, "Without Feathers" seems like The Stills are taking bits here and there from their country-mates - a some dreamy piano a la Stars, the occasional bombast a la BSS, and a little quirkyness from.. well, most of those fabulous Canadian indie bands we love.

Here is "Without Feathers" for your aural pleasure. Yeah that's right you heard me, i said AURAL. :D

Check out The Stills when they perform in Ottawa at the New Capital Music Hall on May 10th!

The Stills - Without Feathers


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